Photos: Andreas Stuckenschneider


6th November - 19th December 2015



For its exhibition Nº 7 “inTime2 Selection”, DIRECT ART GALLERY will present a selection of works by five Outsider artists who were nominated for the Aktion-Kunst-Preis 2015 award. The Aktion-Kunst-Stiftung honored this year’s winning and nominated artists with an extensive exhibition at the Abtei Liesborn Museum in Westfalia. To accompany this exhibition a comprehensive publication was released.


The overall winner of the Aktion-Kunst-Preis 2015 is the artist Stefanie Bubert. Bubert places abstract forms onto paper with strokes that are both efficient and expressive. Her gestural use of forms that is apparent in “Kaffee”, “Brille” and “Es schneit Viele” transmit to the viewer the essence of the abstract depictions. In these works, the form itself transforms into an idea, the form’s designation becomes part of the composition and finally the designation becomes in its own right a form.


The drawings of Lars Otten, the second-place winner, show complex systems of structures that run mostly in parallel and which intensify into tight grids that, in spite of their parallelism, still allow for free motion. A reduced formal language defines the bordering and intertwining figures in these drawings. The accentuated composition, emerging from the contrast of compact forms and blank space, in particular draws the viewer’s attention. In Otten’s collages one can see a complex play with physical proportions and anatomical exactitude that leads to a complete dissolution of the laws of perspective.


Olga Mezenceva’s works lie on the border between reduced figuration and complex abstraction. Overlapping geometrical forms, mostly rectangular, fill the entire canvas; the multiple layers and the application of intense, opaque and paste-like colors allow the image to gain remarkable depth. Some of these forms seem to become human heads. Two rectangles lying on top of each other form the mouths of an unchanging and emotionless face. The arrangement of female figures in these works varies substantially. Heads are piled one on top of the other; their eyes are cut by the lower border of the frame or are covered by other body fragments. The viewer becomes aware here of the body’s ongoing destruction.


Andreas Fink’s black-and-white drawings present at first view a sequence of abstract forms that, in their meticulous execution, approach the ornamental. These structures group together in part to form dense networks, in which separate elements – arches, circles, triangles – can be discerned only on closer examination. Yet even the artist’s free and sweeping gesture becomes part of the composition, contrasting with the dense and ink-black areas of these works. Because of their titles, their foundational composition and the viewer’s imagination, Fink’s free and abstract drawings become “cheetahs”, “seahorses” or “zebras”.


Markus Zumpe’s minimized shapes and signs are likewise abstract, yet nonetheless arouse associations. They appear as fragments of bodies and landscapes that have been spread over the picture’s surface with graphite. Written letters also form part of the composition. Zumpe creates these accentuated compositions with a layer of oil and pastel chalk that lies over the rest of the image. The colors seem to disregard the forms that they inhabit and thus become autonomous fields, sometimes flowing into each other and overlapping, sometimes separating themselves from each other in contrasted juxtapositions. From this interplay emerge colorful landscapes of signs and symbols.





DIRECT ART GALLERY is a non-profit gallery with the aim to support artists with a mental or psychological handicap. The gallery is run by the foundation ‘Aktion-Kunst-Stiftung’ and is located in the center of the well-known museums and galleries of Düsseldorf. In addition to the presentation of classical positions on Outsider Art, the gallery also focuses on young, upcoming contemporary artists.