Photos: Andreas Stuckenschneider


29th May - 18th July 2015



DIRECT ART GALLERY opens its exhibition Nº 5 "Traumweib Pferd" with works by the artist Rudolf Bodmeier. We cordially invite you to the opening on 29th May at Citadellstraße 15, 40213 Dusseldorf.


Rudolf Bodmeiers works are based on various materials and media. The exhibition offers an insight into the extensive oeuvre of the artist which includes drawings, collage, objects, even drafts and the execution of stage designs. Divas, mannequins and pin-up-girls are favoured motives of Bodmeier who was born in Munich in 1961. The artist is not mainly interested in the female as an individual. He rather isolates single parts of stereotypical femininity to combine them with extremities from the world of animals and things. Thereby hybrid creatures, that not rarely create an image of destructive femininity, come in to being.


Bodmeiers drawings are put on paper with graphite and fine liners. Clear outlines define the bodies. Together with strongly exaggerated sex characteristics these outlines give the drawings their comic-like character. Butterflies, caterpillars and flies pose with outstanding breasts in tight suits. Quite often the creatures depict hermaphrodites whose phallus is replaced by feet and tails of insects.


Out of these drawings Bodmeier develops object like works (works that are more like objects than drawings). The colouring follows a similar striking expression which is evocative of elements in Pop Art. The figure is exempt from its background, so that the silhouette, defined by dark contours, composes the form of the complete work. Afterwards Bodmeier applies the Chimaera on chipboard to stabilize them. In a final step he superimposes a laminate film to emphasize the striking appearance of the composite beings, which can reach a height of 4 meters. The exhibition also presents two life-sized hoofed Chimaera which were produced for a theatre production.


Advertising material, catalogues of traditional costumes and newspapers serve the artist as raw material for his collages. With a fine strokes he traces the contours of elegant costumes, opulent wedding gowns and folk like dirndl dresses. Slim advertising models get bosomy curves. Massive horse, goat and insect heads are assembled on the models necks in the method of collage or drawing. The mutants pose with long horse's legs, hands and feet are replaced by hooves and that way bereft in their scope of action. Even major works of art history become part of Bodmeier’s collages. The popular portrayal of Giovanna Cenami in Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini marriage gets the enlarged face of a fly. The right wing of Rogier van der Weyden’s Columba-Altar shows the maidservant, who is conspicuously turned to the beholder, mutated to an insect with a long proboscis.





DIRECT ART GALLERY is a non-profit gallery with the aim to support artists with a mental or psychological handicap. The gallery is run by the foundation ‘Aktion-Kunst-Stiftung’ and is located in the centre of well-known museums and galleries in Düsseldorf. In addition to the presentation of classical positions on Outsider Art, the gallery also focuses on young, upcoming contemporary artists.