Photos: Vitus Kirchner


5th September - 18th October 2014



DIRECT ART GALLERY opens its first exhibition Nº 1 ‘Einen Tisch und einen Sessel’ in Dusseldorf, Germany. We cordially invite you for the opening on the 5th September at Citadellstraße 15, 40213 Dusseldorf. The exhibition presents works by Oswald Tschirtner, Stefanie Bubert and Efklia Grigoriadou. The group exhibition focuses on works in which the relation of reality and construction are expressed in the game between design and designation as well as in the communication between work and beholder.


Oswald Tschirtner is regarded as a classic of Outsider Art and is well-known for his minimalist drawings. Humans, nature and the banalities of everyday life equally penetrate the topics of his work. The footed heads that Tschirtner draws in various constellations and situations, almost pictogram-like, are only defined by their designations. Sometimes these figures are humans; sometimes they are only accessory parts of a row of chairs, sometimes even primitive art. While René Magritte adds the commentary ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’ to Tschirtner’s almost hyper-realistic presentation of a pipe, Tschirtner himself creates much greater doubts for the beholder. The artist does not negate the obvious, but rather hurls an almost shameless claim, a designation that exactly corresponds to the opposite of the presented rectangle: a labyrinth. Tschirtner confuses, irritates, overturns the obvious and constructs new realities, partly paradox, partly ironic and sometimes equally melancholic like the lonely figures by Edward Hopper.


Stefanie Bubert works with the combination of reduced forms and scripture too. Unlike Tschirtners clear line, Stefanie Bubert’s works feature a gestural and abstract design. Form as such gets dissolved. Designations such as ‘coffee cup’ and ‘lipstick’ give the beholder an idea of Bubert’s abstract side. Unlike Tschirtner’s drawings, that should not create any iconographic doubts in the observer’s mind due to their concreteness, although they still provide for irritations in the combination of drawing and description, the beholder will not approach Bubert’s works implicitly. Should we then understand the scripture as a naked description or rather as a part of the composition?


While the previous two positions combined the figurative and the abstract with scripture, the abstract form is the only medium used in Efklia Grigoriadous work. The beholder is stimulated to mentally add semantic elements and thus recognize concrete situations and objects in these abstract paintings and drawings. New realities are constructed – two rectangles stacked atop each other become a door with a skylight, while organic and abstract forms become figurative and animalistic creatures. Realities are not only questioned but newly invented. The hybrid border between reality and imagination, between this world and another, is shown in the interaction of these three artistic positions. They offer a new interpretation of long established laws and a new perspective on the world that surrounds us. Therefore this opening exhibition is exemplary for the program of DIRECT ART GALLERY with its focus on Outsider Art.





DIRECT ART GALLERY is a non-profit gallery with the aim to support artists with a mental or psychological handicap. The gallery is run by the foundation ‘Aktion-Kunst-Stiftung’ and is located in the center of the well-known museums and galleries of Düsseldorf. In addition to the presentation of classical positions on Outsider Art, the gallery also focuses on young, upcoming contemporary artists.